Chinese police blow away axe-wielding terrorist in public in viral video – TomoNews

Chinese police blow away axe-wielding terrorist in public in viral video – TomoNews

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CHINA — Video of a suspected terrorist wielding an axe who was gunned down by police in China exploded on Chinese social media and Internet forums yesterday. No formal news reports exist about the incident, and it is unclear where the incident took place and whether it was real or just a drill.

Many Chinese netizens, however, believe the incident was real. The video shows a man being surrounded by three armed police officers. One of the policemen fires a warning shot and orders the man to drop his weapons.

The man throws down the knife in his left hand, as if ready to surrender. But then he throws the axe in his right hand at the police, which is when all three officers open fire. The man appears to die before hitting the ground.

The video has triggered a heated debate among Chinese netizens. Many applauded the policemen’s quick response, while others proclaimed that Chinese policemen are finally on par with American policemen.


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